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Listed MTN Programme

Listed instruments offered by ESW Investment Group in Eswatini

Documentation relating to the Medium Term Note Programme

What are Listed Medium Term Notes

Listed Medium Term Notes offer an alternative to investors who seek a regular income and superior interest rates. These instruments are inexpensive to invest in and offer a range of investment alternatives. Refer to ESW Investment Group Domestic Medium Term Note Programme as amended and/or supplemented from time-to-time for full details about the medium term notes, product workings and risk factors.

Product Features include:

  • Time Horizon: 3 or 5 years
  • Income can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
  • Fees: 100% Capital Allocation
  • Product Profile: Listed Instrument, Fixed Return and Term of Investment

High Level Overview of the ESW Investment Group Different Listed Medium Term Notes

Product Minimum Investment Gross Annual Rate of Return Income Paid  
3 Year Fixed-Rate Note E10 000 12% Monthly Read More
5 Year Fixed-Rate Note E10 000 12% Monthly Read More

How to Invest

  • These notes can be purchased in units of E1 000 denominations with a minimum investment requirement of E10 000. Once listed, they can be traded through the ESE.
  • For more information, contact your ESW Investment Group Advisor.